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History of the Design of USA Flag

Other Resources:

History of USA State Flags and Territories

History of Other Historical Flags

How to Display the Flag

Origins of Flag Day

History of the Pledge

When the Flag Should Be Flown at Half Staff

Correct Method of Folding the American Flag

Statehood Dates for the 50 States

Our Heavenly Flag - USA Flag Portrait of the United States of America Flag

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Welcome to our store! These inexpensive flags are great for indoor use or for special outdoor events. If you are looking for great buys on various US flags including outdoor grade nylon and nylon with the stars sewn on, click here. You will find many types of US flags including flags of each of the USA 50 states, historical flags such as the "Don't Tread on Me" flag, War of 1812 flag and many others. These USA flags make great gifts. There are special discounts of the flags on sale.  There are quantity discounts available for the flags.  The sale price will be given at checkout. If you have special USA Flag, American State Flag, Historical American Flag, USA Territorial Flag or Tea Party Flag quantities you'd like to order, feel free to call. To fly your flag, we also offer mounted flag poles for sale.

As a special service, I have provided links to other sites that contain important information about the history of the American flag, how to properly display the flag of the United States, history of the various State flags of the USA and it's territories.  In addition, I have included information regarding other important historical flags such as the "Don't Tread on Me" flag and the Bennington flag. An interesting link is the statehood dates that each of the 50 states were brought into the union. 

Feel free to contact us about your USA flag, US State flag, US historical flag, US Territorial flag or Tea Party flag sale order.  Don't forget, bulk orders are available upon request.

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"I saw the flag of my country waving over a city-the strength and pride of my native State-a city devoted to plunder and desolation by its assailants. I witnessed the preparation for its assaults. I saw the array of its enemies as they advanced to the attack. I heard the sound of battle; the noise of the conflict fell upon my listening ear, and told me that 'the brave and the free' had met the invaders." - Francis Scott Key

"I recollected that her eye excelled in brightness that of any other animal, and that she has no eye-lids. She may, therefore, be esteemed an emblem of vigilance. She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders. She is, therefore, an emblem of magnanimity and true courage" -December 1775, an anonymous Philadelphia correspondent wrote to Bradford's Pennsylvania journal concerning the symbolic use of the snake.


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